Hi, I'm Matt Iselin, your new mix engineer.

You spend countless hours crafting your music - finding the perfect melody, the right sounds, rewriting lyrics over and over again. That investment demands sensational mixing to really stand out from the crowd.

Because you will stop at nothing to make your music the best it can be, I am on a never-ending journey to take things to the next level in my audio engineering. I'm always learning more to help your music be heard at its best.

My services are 100% online. We'll collaborate on your project via email and, if needed, Zoom. You'll be able to upload your files and receive your mixes all without having to visit a studio or book flights.

I work across many genres but the majority of my experience and practice is in Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, and CCM. If you want to make sure there is a fit for your genre and music, I can do test mixes for you. Just send me an email to request a test mix.

If you've ever listened to your music and wished it sounded more like a radio hit, let's work together and show the world some really great music.

Portrait of Matt Iselin


Full Stem Mixing

I'll take your song's tracks and turn them into a polished mix. Editing, sample replacement, reamps, and vocal tuning are all included as needed or desired. Alternates (such as cleans, acapellas, instrumentals) can also be provided if you require them.

2-Track Mixing

I'll take your vocal tracks and a single instrumental track and turn them into a polished mix. This is a more affordable option especially if you only have 2-tracks for your instrumentals and can't obtain a track-out from a producer. Editing and vocal tuning are included as needed or desired. Alternates (such as cleans, acapellas, instrumentals) can also be provided if you require them.

Book a Mix

The easiest way to book your mix is to visit my EngineEars Profile and submit your project there. The EngineEars platform streamlines the process of uploading files and getting mix reviews, which means you get your mixes sooner. Check out this video to learn more about how EngineEars improves the mixing process for artists and engineers alike.

If you're looking for something more custom, have questions, want a sample mix, or want to just talk about music, feel free to email me at matt@prettygoodaudio.com.

Sample Mixes

Here's a few mix samples from some tracks I've worked on. I also have a comprehensive credits list.

Bledjon - Hands Up High
Bledjon - Light Hearted
Bledjon - Worth the Weight

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